Cinematographer / Photographer/ South Africa
  • Thank you to WDC2014 for such an amazing year of awesome design and transformation! I am so proud to be a South African! Cape Town has rocked as a host country for 2014! 
    Congratulations to Taipei for 2016! I have honestly learned so much from this experience! It has definitely shaped a great part of my life! 
    - Shot from the Cape Town stadium last night after the conference ended! Amazing people! Amazing experience!!! #WDC2014OfficialCrew
  • Early mornings in Cape Town, got to capture these this morning whilst walking to work! What a beautiful city :) 

    Loop St - Cape Town - South Africa 
    90 - 300 

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  • JDP Brand Identity Winter - Helderberg, Somerset West 

    A winters day :) 

  • So this weekend we got to take some time off and head up to Misverstand Dam, to relax and catch up with some good family friends! 

    What a laugh we all had! I couldn’t ask for a better group of people! Thank you everyone who made this weekend one that I would want to repeat till I’m an old man! 

    Love you all! 

    To new and old friends  

    And to top it all off we found a field that looks just like the #WindowsXPdesktop background haha! 



  • Easter Morning: 

    What a great way to spend Easter Morning with this lovely lady on the beach. Summer days :)

  • Helderberg Mountain Night Out: 

    Great evening last night! We stayed on the Helderberg Mountain. Got some amazing timelapses and long exposures. 

    Really great getting out there. What an awesome experience.  Thanks for the awesome time guys! Grace Hutton  Kevin Schnider Bradyn Hopking @Elan Schnider 

  • A Great one from back in Namibia. 

    Just outside Ai Ais. Such a great place to stop over. 

    What a beautiful evening. 

  • Such an amazing Summers evening here in Somerset West. 

    16-35 f2.8 :D New lens 

    Cape Town, Somerset West, South Africa 


    What an amazing year it has been! So grateful for all the experiences and people I have met this past year! Thank you Everyone for making 2013 one to remember :) 

    Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa 

  • Selfie ? 

    Did our own couple shoot :) Decided to have some fun under the sun :) 

    Just set up my tripod in a field of weeds :) And waited till golden hour. Only took 4 shots and then went home, but it came out great! 

    Sometimes things just go perfectly to plan :) 

    Gear Used

    Tripod, 17- 40 f4 L series. 

    South Africa, Somerset west, Helderveue


    So recently we have had some flooding :(, is the worst it has ever been. Crazy times we living in.

    These pictures were taken on the 16 November 2013. Its the aftermath from the flooding. 

    17-40 f4. Somerset West, South Africa 

  • The Western Cape Flowers :) Happy 36th Anniversary mom & dad!!! Love you guys.

  • Some Shots in the field :D 

    Thanks again Grace for shooting! :) 

    Edited in Lightroom. JDP

    17-40 f/4